Taiwan Earthquake Disaster: Prayers for Taiwan (Video)

Taiwan Earthquake Disaster: Prayers for Taiwan (Video)
Taiwan Earthquake Result to Train Track off

A 6.9-magnitude earthquake occurred on Sunday Afternoon off the southeast coast of Taiwan. The earthquake was reported by The US Geological Survey (USGS). Before, a tsunami warning was issued by Japan as a result of the huge earthquake. The US Geological Survey lowered the earthquake from its initial strength of 7.2 to 6.9 magnitude.

Taiwan Earthquake make Forest shake

According to a report, the earthquake struck at 02:44 pm, around 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of Taitung, at a depth of 10 kilometres.

Seismic code compliance and strengthning of sub-standard buildings can prevent collapse during strong earthquakes (such that of M6.9 in Taiwan). Unfortunately, the problem is not scientific; this is solved to a great extent. It is financial.

According to CNN reports, The village if Yui experienced a building collapsed.

The horror moments of the earthquake in Taiwan from the motorcycle camera.

Waves as high as one meter are expected to arrive on seas.

The Meteorological Agency of Taiwan issued a Tsunami advisory to remote islands near Taiwan’s Coastal areas.

This Sunday was Very Tough for Taiwan People.

Live television films from the impacted islands didn’t promptly give obvious signs of high waves.

The China Quake Organization Center said quakes were plainly felt in beachfront regions including Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Shanghai.

Children were playing just before a terrific accident. The whole ceiling just collapsed within a second of the Earthquake. No harms to the children, but the earthquake destructs the whole area.

Taiwan is consistently hit by seismic tremors as the island lies close to the intersection of two structural plates.

The island sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, a circular segment of extreme seismic action that stretches through Southeast Asia and across the Pacific bowl.

Taiwan’s deadliest at any point shudder was a 7.6-greatness shock in September 1999 that killed north of 2,400 individuals.

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